As a Program Coordinator, you can message multiple people at once (as well as still being able to message individuals, of course). 

A monthly drumbeat of mentoring

Sending bulk messages with a regular monthly cadence helps to:

  • Keep mentoring front of mind
  • Share useful tips and tricks (see our Resource Hub and blog are useful for ideas) 
  • Provide an opportunity for support replies from your participants
  • Share what your organisation has been up to in the last month, particularly in employee development

How to

To do so, head to the Users tab first. Here you can apply filters, such as users who are: Active, Invited, Suspended, Removed. You can also apply individual or grouped filters based on role and activity, including: Active, Invited, Mentors, Mentees, Either, No Loops, No Group Loops, No Goals.

Once you've filtered a desired audience - for example, Mentors who are yet to be matched in a loop (no loops), you can click the 'Message Users' button in the top left. Here you can select one of four message types: Message, File, Event, Task. If you've applied a filter prior to messaging, the bulk message screen indicates the filter you've performed and the number of recipients eligible for the message you're about to send.

Once you've filtered your audience to message, and selected a message type, and sent it - this message is then sent to each relevant User's Loop. Messages you sent in bulk are marked in bold text, whereas regular direct messages are not.

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