So you’ve been asked to be a coach or a mentor for someone – that’s great! Maybe it’s an employee who’s approached you as part of an employee mentoring and coaching program in your organization or someone from outside who’s been referred to you for professional mentoring.

Career mentoring is a terrific way to support the growth, development and career progression of another, share your knowledge, skills and experience, and even extend your own network.

It can also help support your organization’s formal training and development programs with the goal to help your organization build a high-performing workforce and establish its talent as a competitive advantage.

But what exactly do you do as a career coach and mentor? Here’s a list of some suggested training and mentoring activities that you and your mentee can use as inspiration:

There’s really no shortage of work mentoring activities you can do with your mentee. 

The main goal is to identify activities that help your mentee achieve her learning and career development goals, and that suit both of your schedules, availability and work situation.

Happy mentoring!

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