Now that your mentees and mentors have filled out their sign up form and been invited into your mentoring program, it's time to create some Loops. A Loop is where a mentee or mentor can begin their mentoring discussion.

Loop types

  • Loop - Two person discussion between a mentee and mentor.

  • Group loop - Discussion between multiple people, this can contain as many mentors / mentees as you see fit.

Actively matching participants

Creating Loops is easy, simply head to the Loops tab within Manage Program and click Create a Loop.

The default view is participants with no loops. To access all participants, both matched and unmatched, click on the ‘X’ beside the filter at the top of the screen - “Active Loops: No Loops”.

To start matching click on a user, either from the list or by searching for their name. Their full profile will appear and, to create a short list of suitable matches, click on the areas of their profile that you wish to match them by. You will see these filters appear at the top of the screen. All potential matches who meet the criteria you have filtered by will remain in the list. You can select any user to view their profiles side by side. All the information highlighted in red is what they have in common.

New Match Email Notification

When you create a new Loop for two users, they will be sent an email notifying them that they have been matched and introducing them to their partner. You can set the default email subject and message content here.

You can also create Draft Loops, and approve or dismiss them later.

Allowing participants to self-serve their matches

To allow participants to browse other mentees/mentors and initiate their own loops, you can consider enabling My Match on your program.

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