Now that your program participants (both mentees and mentors) have filled out their Recruitment Forms and been invited into your mentoring program, it's time to create some Loops. A Loop is where a mentee or mentor can begin their mentoring discussion.

Loop types

  • Loop - A 2 person discussion between a mentee and mentor.
  • Group loop - A discussion between multiple people, this can contain as many mentors / mentees as you see fit.

Actively matching participants

Creating Loops is easy, simply head to the Loops section of your dashboard and click Create a Loop or Create a Group Loop. Once participants are within a Loop, they can begin their mentoring discussion.

You can also create Draft Loops, and activate/delete them later via the corresponding Edit button next to each.

Allowing participants to self-serve their matches

To allow participants to browse other mentees/mentors and initiate their own loops, you can consider enabling My Match on your program.

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