Mentorloop consists of two levels of administration hierarchy.


A Program simply refers to the single dashboard where you manage your mentoring program. Most users on the platform will only require use of a single Program, as they are most likely only running the one mentoring program at their company.

A single Program can only facilitate one Program Coordinator at a time. The same Program Coordinator can preside over multiple Programs.


If a company is running multiple mentoring programs, they may wish to explore setting up an Organisation to manage multiple Programs.

For example, Hooli Corp may be running individual programs in both their Pied Piper and Raviga Capital divisions. Accordingly, they opt to set up a single Organisation called 'Hooli Corp' and setup two Programs beneath it, one for Piper Piper and one for Raviga Capital. 

Only Programs contain users, Organisations are simply to manage multiple Programs.

An Organisation can facilitate multiple Admins at a time.

If you are interested in setting up more than one Program, or an Organisation, please contact Mentorloop support who can help set this up for you.

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