As a Program Coordinator, you can message multiple people at once (as well as still being able to message individuals, of course). 

A monthly drumbeat of mentoring

Sending bulk messages with a regular monthly cadence helps to:

  • Keep mentoring front of mind
  • Share useful tips and tricks (see our Resource Hub and blog are useful for ideas) 
  • Provide an opportunity for support replies from your participants
  • Share what your organisation has been up to in the last month, particularly in employee development

How to

To do so, head to the Users tab first. Here you can apply filters for our participants - for more information on how these filters work, please see here.

Once you have filtered a desired list of users - for example female participants who are looped and signed up before 02/08/2019- click the ‘Message All’ button:

In the message screen, you will be able to either write a personalised message, send a file, create a task or create an event for that specific audience:

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