There are two main ways to change who is the Program Coordinator in your mentoring program.

Method 1: Update the details behind the existing Program Coordinator

This is the simplest method to undertake. Simply have the existing PC log in and update their name and email to reflect the details of the new PC. Please note this would allow you to see the correspondence within previous Coordinator loops, so please be aware of this if you choose to pursue this option.

Method 2: Swap Program Coordinator

Whilst an Admin, or Program Coordinator who has Admin rights (see What's the difference between an Admin and a Program Coordinator?), can opt to replace a Program Coordinator - we strongly recommend that you reach out to Mentorloop to help you achieve this, if you prefer not to pursue Method 1 above. Please let us know the name and email for the new PC. We will then swap them. For clarities sake, please understand that the following 2 part process is then undertaken simultaneously when we help initiate this process:

Part 1: Transitioning a PC back to a regular user:

  • When a PC becomes a regular user, we change all the loops they had which were previously Coordinator loops with every single participant in the program to standard loops. Please note this means each user essentially acquires a new loop, which is a record of any conversation they may have had with that PC, so please be aware of this if you choose to pursue this option.

Part 2: Transitioning a regular user to a PC:

  • We locate a regular user in your program and make them the PC. 
  • We then look for an active loop (i.e. no draft loops) between all users in the program (be they invited, active, or suspended), and this new PC - regardless of who is a mentor/mentee.
    - If an active loop exists, we change it's type to a Coordinator loop. No change is made as to whether the end user is mentor or mentee.
    - If no active loop exists, we create a new Coordinator loop. In this scenario the PC is designated as a mentor.
  • The new PC is automatically notified that they have been assigned as Program Coordinator, regardless of which path above takes place.

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