This article will provide instructions and advice on requesting a mentor or mentee.

To request a match via the platform:

  1. Navigate to 'Find New Matches'

  2. You can filter your search by expertise, department, goals and more.

  3. Select the profile you wish to view and click 'Connect'.

There are 4 key points to remember when reaching out:

  1. Introduce yourself with a brief summary.

  2. Let them know why you’ve chosen them for a match. Aim to make your reasons relatable to your mentor's experiences.

  3. Outline what you’re hoping to achieve in the mentoring relationship.

  4. Keep it short and snappy. Remember - using the Find New Matches feature with Mentorloop means your requested connection can view your profile if they’re looking for more detail!

Let’s look at a quick example. Sophia (a mentee) is wanting to connect with Megan (a mentor):

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