What is a recommended match?

A recommended match is a connection we’ve identified as being a great match for each mentor and mentee in your program. Participants can view these recommendations from within their dashboard after they log in to Mentorloop.

How does it work?

The Mentorloop algorithm delivers a shortlist of recommended matches based off the information provided by mentors and mentees when they signed up to your program. It considers a range of criteria, including similarities between skills and goals as well as any key words identified in their profile. 

We then benchmark a potential match against feedback we’ve received for any similar mentoring relationships to have been supported through Mentorloop over the years, in order to give a score on whether the match will be a good fit or not!

We also collect ongoing feedback from your mentoring participants - the collective results help us fine tune the system to provide the best possible recommendations within your program.

Who is included in the recommendations?

Everyone currently active in the program (and who has not chosen to remove themselves from My Match) is reviewed by the algorithm in order to find you the best mentoring connections possible.

Are there any limitations?

Recommended matches are based off mentors and mentees currently active in the program - there may be an even better match out there who hasn’t joined yet (or who has chosen to hide themselves from receiving My Match requests).

The algorithm will also only consider information provided by mentors and mentees in their signup form. If this is out of date or incomplete the recommended matches may be off the mark!

Is this an opt out feature?

Yes this is an optional feature only - recommended matches are shown to ‘spark’ a conversation for that mentor or mentee around what they might be looking for in a connection. We believe the recommended match would be a great fit but it is up to that individual to decide whether or not they’d like to request a connection.

If a mentor or mentee decides their recommended match is not for them, they can either view other recommended matches or look for a connection that feels right in the program’s ‘My Match’ profile area.

Likewise, if mentors or mentees don’t wish to appear in any recommended matches they can hide themselves from My Match using the steps here).

Will it only show other mentors and mentees who also don’t have a connection?

The algorithm providing recommended matches will include anyone who is currently active in the program in case they choose to close his or her loop in future and wish to look for a new mentoring connection. 

We do encourage multiple connections where possible but also advise that there must be clear expectations around capacity and ability to commit time and energy to the relationship in order for it to be successful.

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