1.  Log into Mentorloop. 

2. Navigate to the 'Loops' tab within Manage Program.

3. Above the search bar, click on the filter Loop Status: 2 selected and untick the box beside Active.

4. Click done and only the draft loops will remain in the list.

5. Click on each draft loop to see the mentor and mentee profile side by side. This will make it easy for you to identify whether this is a good match and either dismiss the pairing or approve the match: 

Please note: 

  • If you dismiss the pairing, the mentor and mentee will not be notified.

  • If you approve the match, you can choose to notify the mentor and mentee about their new match. You will also have the opportunity to edit this email.

6. Alternatively, you can approve all of your draft loops in bulk. To do this, select the box beside the loops you wish to approve, click on Bulk Actions and from that drop down list choose Approve Draft Loops. A pop up will appear, again allowing you to choose to notify your participants about their new match.

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